how do i upload photos from camera to samsung galaxy 10.1 tab 2?


Aug 10, 2013
hi, i have a samsung galaxy 10.1 tab 2, i love it but cant see how to upload pics from my digital camera onto the tablet. does anyone have the answer? hope so because i have loads of pics on my camera. help would be appreciated i am not talking about the camera on the tablet but a seperate one.


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Jul 6, 2011
Does your Galaxy Tab have a USB port? If so, just plug your digital camera in and it should ask you about importing them using the Gallery app. Otherwise, you may have to copy them to a computer then copy them to your tablet using cloud storage, or some other method.


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Aug 20, 2011
I bought one of these: Samsung EPL-1PL0BEGXAR USB Connection Kit: Electronics

On vacation a couple weeks ago: Plugged the camera in via its own USB cable, navigated to the newly-detected "storage" with ES File Explorer and there they were.

But your camera has to support USB filesystem, and some do not. Canon, for example. No Canon camera I've ever seen does. (One reason I never buy Canon cameras.) Alternatively: If your camera uses a microSD or microSDHC card: You should be able to pop it out of the camera and into the tablet, and move or copy your pictures, that way. Or, if neither obtains: Get the aforementioned adapter and a USB card reader that supports whatever card your camera uses.

I don't move/copy photos to my tablet, but I do find it nice for reviewing the day's captures when we're on vacation :)