How do you delete GMail messages that are in the trash can permanently?


Oct 6, 2012
I regularly use my TF700 for sending/receiving messages via GMail.

When I delete messages from the "received" box and/or the "sent" box, they end up in the trash can.
Once there, they seem to become a permanent fixture! I have yet to find a way to delete them forever, in spite of all of the searches I have done here and elsewhere.

Could someone barge in and offer a simple solution to delete "deleted messages". (those in the rash can).

Thank you in advance ! :)

EDIT: I have found one way to "sort of" do it: go to the trash bin, pick (select) a message and hold for a couple of seconds >> move it to "Spam" and from there, I can finally delete it.
I am wondering if there would be a better way to do this, especially if (when) the trash bin becomes loaded with deleted messages.
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