How Do You Like Android 7?


Senior Member
Feb 5, 2011
Android 7 came out a few months ago, in early October, but I haven't gotten it on my tablet yet, and I'm starting to wonder if something has happened to the update. There doesn't seem to be anything really new, like
support for an OTG memory card adapter..

Not that there are some alternatives from some good developers, but I'd like to see Google CORRECT THEIR MISTAKE IN DESIGN by not having an SD card slot in the first place. I would have paid the extra $10 or $15 for the ability to add the extra memory, instead of having to use 3rd-party adapters to download stuff like the panoramic vacation photos, and videos and in-car videos to have room for the next day's stuff. You just need to keep some stuff on-hand and accessible for more than one day.