How Does the Apps Marketplace Work?


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Feb 5, 2011
Does the Apps Marketplace require you to sign up for any service or make purchases, like a phone service plan, or is it all free, with a registration, like this discussion forum?

There are certain freeware apps websites on the Internet, can you just browse those apps and install them directly? Or how about downloading the apps to your desktop PC and installing them to your tablet later? I don't think I will atually buy an Android tablet PC for a few months, but in the meantime, I can browse the freeware from my desktop PC and collect apps I think I might want to install.



Jan 31, 2011
There are several app stores that you can purchase from.
Handango Slideme Google

As for purchase you have to set up an account with them and then you can purchase apps. There are free apps that are AD based and "premium" apps that you have to pay for.

As for app selection, there are plenty of apps, but not all of them are quality. You have to keep in mind that many of the apps are made by solo developers that other jobs.

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