How To Capture Active Window From Browser Screen? (NOT A Screenshot)


May 26, 2015
I am browsing some photo sites and find images I'd like to save. I know how to use the screenshot button, but that captures everything on the screen including the buttons themselves. I have tried to hold the stylus on the screen for about 2 secs but the choices that appear are to save the photo as a link or save the link as html. Grrrr! :)

I guess in Windows terminology I am trying to capture the window that has the "focus." or the active window. Which in this case has a ,jpg image in it.

There's an app for everything it seems but I don't know what to even search for. All the ones I find are for making standard screenshots of the whole screen, not what I want. Suggestions please, I am using the Chrome browser and see no options to save the image I am viewing.

Thank you in advance!