How to choose a chinamade tablet pc


Sep 6, 2012
As the tablets have different features, depending on what you needs and what is your budget plan to buying a tablet PC. Most people use it for fun and connection with people. The tablet hardware,working speed, display sensititivity, battery life are the most important factors you need to consider when you are about to choose a tablet PC for yourself.
Hardware is responsible for the functionality of your tablet PC. If you are going to use your tablet for watching movies, listening to the music or saving data, the priority for you will be the offered memory. Of course, the speed of the table is very important too, which could be assessed with the processor. Now in the market there are mainly VIA,IMAPX, Freescale,VIMICRO, BOXCHIP available. Yes, the Boxchip is better than Vimicro, Vimicro is better than Freescale, Freescale is better than Imapx, Imapx is better than VIA. The higher the price is, The better the processor are. Withe these years development, the tablet PC memory is changed from 2G to 4G,8G,even 16G. You can choose according to your need.
Of course display is one of the main parts in tablets. The display give you the comfort of navigation, helps you to use the device easier and of course is responsible for good quality resolution. There are TFT, resistant touchscreen, capacitive touchscreen and IPS touchscreen for your choose. IPS touchscreen is best, at the same time, the price is high. 10.1 inch display is good enough for visual experience. Equipped with Boxchip A10 processor, the tablet pc is good for person who pursue the price favourable and the use experience. This tablet pc is called (FlyTouch7 10.1 Inch Android 4.0 Tablet PC BOXCHIP A10 Cortex A8 1.5G 1GB RAM 8GB Memory with GPS). The price is not high but the specification is good.
Battery life :
As we already mentioned above tablets factor are easy to choose for everyone. The tablet PC battery life is also important. If the battery is not good, it can not stand for 1 hours and constantly request to charging battery. It is not comfortable. When you want the tablet PC can support to watch over a film, the battery should not be less than 4000mah
These were the main characteristics you may need to consider before buying a tablet. We tried to give you all the important briefly, so that you could choose the tablet that exactly suits your needs and wishes.