How to create shortcuts for movies?

Street E

Apr 30, 2011
Hey guys i own an asus transformer but i bought my little girls a cheapy ebay 7" tablet running 2.2 just for them to watch movies on ect.
I have tried it out and for the kids its fantastic they can sit on the couch and watch a movie and be nice and quite.....ahhh peace.

But to make it a bit less complicated for them as they are used to apples interface im wanting to create some shortcuts on the home screen of each movie.
for example instead of clicking on the movies icon then clicking on a folder and finding the one they want then pressing on it ect i just want them to be able to have all the movies on the home page and simply pressing it will open the movie player and start playing the movie.
so virtually a shortcut to the movies file in the directory.
the movies are stored on a micro sd as well not sure if that makes it harder but i dont think it should as the icon only needs to be a directory shortcut.

If anyone could help that would be great thanks.