How to Downgrade your Archos Gen 8 Device (28, 32, 43, 70, 101) from 2.4.65 to 2.3.81


Nov 11, 2011
After a recent firmware upgrade broke some apps (agoda, skype, NewsTalk) I used while tethering over bluetooth I searched for a solution and the best I could find involved installing a developer SDK. Good news is you can simply download the 2.3.81 firmware directly from using a PC, pop it on a USB stick, copy it in the root (top level) directory of the archos device and reboot. The Archos 101 downgrades to 2.3.81 when powering up and all installed apps are left intact.

To download specific firmware from archos site simply insert the version number in place of "2.4.80" below

You might be able to enter the same URL into the archos browser and download from there.

Note: I only have access to a recent (Oct 2011) archos 101 gen 8 device, got it for e150 at HMV shop in Limerick, great little device and my first encounter with Android