How To Install Samsung Browser


Jul 29, 2016
Does anyone know how to get Samsungs browser on the Tab S2? It has Chrome by default, Samsungs browser in the play store is listed as incompatible, it's not in the Galaxy app store, and if I side load an APK it just crashes.

I don't use Chrome on any other device, it's slow, and I can't sync my bookmarks with my phone unless I switch to Chrome on my phone, which is slower and lacks ad block.

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Jun 16, 2012
If the app is incompatible with the device and sideloading the APK causes a crash, there's no way to get the Samsung browser on the device. Thus the meaning of the word "incompatible".

Root both tablet and phone, and install AdAway for your ad blocking. Not only does it pick up the bulk of the advertising in Chrome, it also kills most of the advertising in apps as well. Then switch your bookmarks to Chrome.

P.S. I find Chrome to be quite snappy on my Nexus 6, and it only has a quad core processor compared to the octa core processor in the Tab S2.