How to navigate in Android Market


Dec 30, 2010
OK, as a programmer for 30 years I now feel...stupid.

I've rooted my Nook Color, tapped the Extras button, and gone to the Android Market. I've clicked on one game and now have a screen detailing the game with a "Buy" button at the bottom. This is all well and good...but...

I can't figure out how to move "backwards" to get back to the list of apps. Swiping the screen doesn't work. A tiny curved back arrow at the bottom of the screen (just to the left of the white arrow button) doesn't work. I can't figure out any way to move off this screen (in the Market) other than pressing the "Buy" button. If I leave the market and come back to it, I'm at the same screen.

Online videos showing how to use the market use phones that appear to have dedicated physical Back buttons. What am I overlooking?


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Dec 8, 2010
The NC being first of all an ebook reader, currently lacks dedicated softkey which most android phone have. For now all of us are using some softkeys app. My fav, along with many other NC owners, is called Button Savior (see link below.) It will give you on screen softkeys which will enable you to go back, go to app config, and go to your home screen.

Button Savior :
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