How to run qemu Linux virtual machines properly on android tabs.


Senior Member
Jan 31, 2013
My tab specification's are 1.2 GHz quad core processor and 1 GB ram, 16 GB internal ROM.

I want to run RHEL 5.0 X86 CLI I mean without any gui on my tab and so I followed the steps below

At first on windows I have installed qemu manager and after that I have created a virtual machine RHEL with processor option as Pentium 3 and ram option with 256 MB. The installation was successful and I am able to boot properly into it.

After that I have transferred the installation image to my tab. In order to run the virtual machine I have installed limbo qemu manager. I have selected the transferred image and specified the same options as above.

When I run the above virtual machine I am unable to boot into my system properly and I getting the following errors

kernel panic not syncing: kernel compiled for Pentium+ requires TSC feature.
general protection fault : fffa [#1]

Kindly suggest how to rectify the error and run successfully the above virtual machine on my tab.