How To Unlock Lenovo A3000 Bootloader


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Jan 31, 2013
Sir recently I have bought Lenovo A3000 tab. I want to unlock the bootloader and so I have followed the instructions specified in

I don't know whether the instructions specified in the above page applies to my tab but or not but I have tried.

First I went into fastboot mode in my tab and connected to my PC and after that

In Windows 8.1
1)I have opened device manager and I am able to see device named "fastboot Lenovo adb device" under android devices.
2)I have opened cmd.exe with administrator privileges and moved to Letools and executed the command fastboot devices after that I got the output starting with mt.... fastboot

After that I have executed the command fastboot oem unlock
The process have been struck there.

Kindly try to examine the above and suggest how to unlock my tab bootloader and if this is not the way please try to suggest how to do so.

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Dec 3, 2012
Those instructions are for the A2109, they don't apply to the A3000. There's really nothing to unlock on the A3000, you can install stuff using the SP Flash Tool without any unlock procedure.