How to view NAS device from android tablet


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Apr 4, 2014
First - I'm a noobie on Android & tablets but a semi-teckie on Windoze
My home network is a Win7 PC, WinXP PC, & Netgear NAS 104 [4x3TB drives]
Note: all above are wired using an Ethernet router

I use a WinXP wireless HP laptop
My android wireless tablet, received a few days ago, is a TRIO Stealth Pro.

I can connect to home wireless but how do I "see" my Netgear Network Attached Storage []

I've read that I need something called ES File Manager and that author self-answered by saying
'make an exception in my firewall to all for 'wireless devices to access' ... and that worked

So my question is:
  1. is ES File Manager the best to do the work of Win-Explorer?
  2. do I need to change firewall settings in my ROUTER? I wouldn't think so because my laptop can see the //server just fine using win-explorer

Thanks for taking pity on this newbie

PS: Yes I know XP support is out in 3 days. My super-teckie son [3 states away] wants me to convert all to Ubintu. THAT scares me.


update 30 minutes later

I found and installed ES File Manager. Really COOL - I'd like to contribute $$ to the developer. Think I'll try to figure that out.

QUESTION: I tried to play .AVI and .WMV files with NO luck. Says "no application available" or something similar
[I'm moving from my tablet to my laptop as I work / type]

That's my next challenge.

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Jun 16, 2012
Install MX Player or MoboPlayer on your tablet to play those video formats. Another alternative is VLC Player, which as a computer user you may have heard of. There is a version for Android.