How would i figure out which e-book reader uses the least battery consumption?


Dec 29, 2010
Using the CPU setting rico posted yesterday I got fantastic battery life, would have been over 15 hours but I only read for about 2 hours - today i have been reading for about 5 and I am down to 18% -(machine has been on for 8h 39m )

moon reader is what I am using, it it shows it has pulled 47% the battery consumption and android system 29%when I look at color nook tools .

What would be the most straightforward way to get a couple other readers short if reading for 6 hours tomorrow, lol - break is almost over, Ive got to get some housework done, lol
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Sep 24, 2010
there apps and tools that monitor battery usage, but I am going to say that your reader apps consumptions are not going to be the major factors in overall consumption. They load the book, and scroll through the pages. To get any meaningful data you will have to make sure that for each app you turn the pages exactly the same, scroll exactly the same, etc.

More likely? You had WiFi or Bluetooth running in the background, or something else that was running and taking CPU cycles and that was what made the major difference. Or you have automatic brightness running and the screen is compensating for changing light levels, and therefore using more or less power.

Quick check though? Settings->About Device->Battery->Battery Use will give you a breakdown of these values.



Dec 29, 2010
Yes - I have it -

Moon ereader 47%
Android System 29%
Display 13%
Wi-Fi 10%
Phone idol 3%

While last unplugged for 8hr 39 min

I have disabled the cell service background process and done the CPU setup settings rico suggested - I am happy overall, I bet there is a different reader that uses less power tho


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Dec 8, 2010
Regardless of which reader you use, most of your battery usage is going to be your lcd being on constantly while you are reading a book. I'd look into turning down your brightness a bit if possible when reading. The stock reader can adjust brightness on the fly. Another thing you could do is use SetCPU to set your cpu to 300mhz manually when you read. Go to the main tab and adjust the cpu mhz slider do to 600 or 300 mhz. If you are using a reader app, they typically don't require much cpu usage.