HOWDY YALL From Down South


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Jan 2, 2019
echo "!Hello World!" > hi.txt
print hi.txt
"!Hello World!

*Greetings > Howdy.txt
Hello my name is Timothy,

*Location whereabouts > Age.txt

From the great state of texas, where when it is 32 degrees outside (like today) damn near the whole state shuts down everyone stays inside and try to keep warm (you should see us when it snows ..... youd think there was a national emergency)

*Sex > Sex.txt
IM A BOY DEAMION (friday come on i know yall have seen it Great movie)

*Age > Age.txt
I turn 30 years old tomarrow (Jan 3rd) YAY HAPPY BDAY ME,

cat How*.TXT >> Ag*.txt >> Se*.txt | print Sex.txt (not really sure about this cat command and the pipe to try to print the sex.txt doc to screen anyone know if thats right??)

*A Little Mo Bout ME

By the choseings of my current lifestyle situations and choices Ive been finding alot of free time on my hand and i figured hey why not learn something new right????? I orignally come from a background in computers my father and i ran a little computer shop here in texas (little towns little shops family owned bussiness) mainly focused on removal of spyware and viruses hardwareupgrades reinstalling windows and recycling old comeputers. With all this free time ive Recently aquired ive found myself wanting to expand my knowledge of the uknown ...... Im a go getter when i want something i get it.....
So currently im teaching myslf linux kinda feel like its trying to teach youself another language by reading a language u dont know (which i just started when linux mint 19.1 came out about a month ago i believe, im getting to the andriod part i promise) i was haveing alot of trouble and i found a fourm site like this one only for linux that helped me out quite a bit..... so figured id give this fourm site a chance see How i can learn, What kind of people interesting people i can meet here, and Just Maybe If i Am Lucky... Who i can help :D
i do try to keep things interesting useing abstract wordings or sysmbols B U I (and even buI's somtimes alltogether or maybe a randome color thrown in here and there i am a self learner that learns by first hand experience and messing stuff up cause then you have to fix it. In My Experience if i brake something I can usally find a way to fix it and even if i cant i learned alot trying to (anyone else read on google for hours on end and go damn its 3am already??)and i know what mistakes not to make next time.
i know some basic html little bit of java understanding the concpets of ccs's i could say a little (i mean little) python,c stuff. and am currently learning about shells scripts linux packages and libareys basic commands for those and all the "-strange -ya -it/s tha/t
co&?and -but -dose "some[/if (1=a) then "-1"]thing completely diffrent stuff" (-a-b-f-t-h-r-y-A) stuff as well
I have always loved andriod tho i beleive every phone ive had in my life the first 10 to 30 hours were spent trying to find ways to root flash bootloaders load customroms (make custom roms) make a cheap 20 dollar phones run alot like a 100 dollar phone....... build.prop is probally my favorite file in the world.... Ive recently found that u can unzip an .apk.......... Changed my world and set me on the journey im on now... i dont have much experience building apks or codeing(or just useing) adb or terminal. Most of the roms i did create i did so for myslef on my phone with the help of 3party applications or websites but now im ready for the level deeper really see how it all gets put together how to add or remove one package out of a phone.....
dose e`veryonew use autoroots nowadays or anyone still do it manually?? how do u do it manually??? what is all the (empty folder emptyfoler stuff about?? So that is what has brought me here Im trying to apply EVERYTHING i know all into one something, help sombody with it and learn something from it.....and i believe andriod and mobile applitcations in general could help me achieve that goal (not to mention way of the future) and that about sums it up. (i have more question and ideas but another post for another time and i think i read something about length rules sorry mod(s) i will reread the rules one more time to a complete understanding)


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Mar 24, 2011
Hello Timothy, happy birthday, and welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to join us here at Android Tablets. I hope you'll find what you're looking for here.