[HowTo] MOD the encrypted rescriptcmd


Oct 26, 2010
The older ROMs did not have this "rescriptcmd" file, just a scriptcmd file which we can mod using MKIMAGE. Most of the times, not always, this resctiptcmd is encrypted. I've tried many ways to decrypt it, all failed. So I need to work around it simple as that. Now I do know the \system\etc\init.sh can contain setenv commands, and I've figured out a way to list the current setenv from the system, so you can mod these as you wish, these modded settings will become available after 1st boot. If some one is interested the full article is located on http://techknow.freeforums.org in the ROM Modding section and is called "Override RESCRiPTCMD with your own settings", the article also contains examples, also on the ROM Modding is information about the setenv commands. This way you still can MOD eventually the RescriptCMD.