HTC and LG Now in the Running for Next Nexus Tablet


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Jan 5, 2011

According to a new report out of Taiwan, Asus might just get benched for the next Nexus tablet device. Supposedly, Google is considering both LG and HTC for the gig, and HTC may be the front-runner. Previously, HTC came forward suggesting they would be announcing a new Android tablet which they claimed was "nice and disruptive." Could a new HTC-made Google Nexus tablet be what they were referring to?

When the manufacturer was asked for commented they were less than forthcoming, with the usual HTC "does not comment on rumors or speculation." We have also seen several reports suggesting HTC will be making up to three new smartphone devices for Amazon. If they do get the contract, could we be witnessing the start of a huge turnaround for HTC?

Source: UnWiredView