HTC Dual-touchscreen Tablet / Netbook Patent Emerges On The Web


Staff member
Dec 15, 2009

A HTC patent spotted by Chinese website Zol shows a dual-screen netbook prototype that leads us to think that the Taiwan-based company is looking to enter the tablet market. Although I shouldn’t put tablets and netbooks in the same area, most people tend to put touch-only and QWERTY phones in the same pot so I can do it too as there are too many similarities between the two.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a dual-screen tablet as most of you probably know that the Microsoft Courier “digital journal” is coming later this year. The HTC dual-screen device could be just an ebook reader or it might have a virtual QWERTY keyboard on the 2nd screen that should definitely be based on that sweet and fast Swype typing technology.

Although HTC repeatedly said that it won’t abandon Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 (then Windows Mobile), everybody (including me) believes that this is an Android tablet. The sliding technique is similar to the one found on the Motorola Backflip, however, we should stop speculating. There are so many questions waiting to be answered and I honestly want to see a real picture of this HTC dual-screen tablet/netbook!