Huawei Ideos S7 Bug List


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Jul 9, 2010
This is going to be a buglist for the Huawei Ideos S7.

Since Huawei is having trouble keeping their technical forums in order, we might as well host our own list here.

Try to make sure it is not a problem universal to Android and unfixed by Google. Listing problems specific with a particular version of Android also does not make sense.

We can keep track of what is fixed with newer firmwares, if they do get fixed.

Last updated Feb 16, 2011

Screen calibration should not allow rotate:
If the screen is rotated during screen calibration, screen can be severely miscalibrated.

G-Sensor Bug:
Not working properly in many games. Further investigation required.
X and Y axis definition atypical for an Android device
Should be reconfigured to match settings for phone device to achieve maximum compatibility

Allow third-party launchers at stock factory configuration:
Frameworks have compatibility issues with third-party launchers
Widgets cannot be placed on third-party launcher homescreens unless appwidgetpicker is replaced as workaround
Clock overlay bug on top of software back button with third-party launcher defaulted

Wallpaper Gallery Crop Bug:
Wallpapers cropped by default image view are very pixelated.

Media Scanner Issue with ID3 Tags (Japanese):
Should be fixed in Froyo

Microphone muted incorrectly when 3-pin headsets are plugged in:
This is not typical behavior for such devices. When 3-pin headsets are plugged in, the microphone is supposed to keep its function. Microphone input should only only routed if a 4-pin plug is plugged in.


High battery consumption:
Especially with wifi and mobile data enabled simultaneously

MMS wrong sending sending bugfix backport for Android:
Issue 9392 - android - SMS are intermittently sent to wrong and seemingly random contact. - Project Hosting on Google Code
Patch required to fix. Needs confirmation from Huawei for confirmed fix.
Patch applies to Android 2.2.

Volume toggle range:
first notch of volume too loud, speaker sound 'breaks' at maximum volume, bass too heavy

Screen brightness range:
Should allow lower minimum brightness. Hardware is shown to be capable (Quicksettings or directly by sending echo to device)

Dialer rotate:
Dialer does not rotate and only works in landscape. It is much easier to use in portrait mode and should be allowed to rotate.

Emotion apps in portrait:
RSS, notes and other applications should work in portrait

Emotion widgets cause significant battery drain at stock configuration:
users are capable of adding widgets on their own

Data access popups and prompts:
Should be disabled, or an option to exist for disabling the prompt as standard across other Android devices
users using device as a phone

FM Radio:
BCM4329 supports FM radio. Software support has been opensourced in projects, and implementation should be conisdered.