I am stuck


Apr 14, 2011
I have an issue with my white Pandigital Novel. It was stock when I flashed to the Andriod tablet firmware update that is on Pandigital's website. However, I did NOT remove the internal micro card before I did that. Now I do have the new homepage. Some icons are missing. The pdn will NOT read the external sd card anymore. The pdn is not regonized by my pc when connected via usb cable. Anyone have any idea as to a possible fix/ Thank you very much for your time!!!!

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Dec 27, 2010
I am going to echo, "I'm stuck" to a point as well. I just upgrade my white PDN with the new firmware update 4/17. The directions on Pandigitals site did NOT mention removing the internal SD card. I have the new upgraded screen. I can put in my ext. SD card and I can see my pics. But I have no way to export items from ext. sd card to the tablet itself. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



Jun 17, 2011
I did the same thing and the Barnes and Noble, Slide, and other apps say they are not installed. I tried doing everything over without any luck. Is there a fix for this?


Sep 3, 2011
You guys installed Pandigital's "Open Android" firmware. This is actually, in my opinion a far better Android FW than what has been offered by third party developers. The reason why you lost icons is because it wiped the previous FW version and took those icons away. You haven't lost the apps, because those are stored on either the internal or external SD cards. Here's what you do.

1. Don't panic, everything is going to be ok.
2. Plug your WPDN into your PC or Mac via USB (notice that now your WPDN CAN be used while plugged into the USB, as before it couldn't).
3. Using your WPDN, Google "ES File Explorer.apk" and find a site that hosts it. The best one is from Megaupload.com or FileCrop.com.
4. Once you've downloaded ES File Explorer, insert your SD card if not already done so.
5. Download whatever apps you need to "fill in the blanks."

The problem is that with the new open source firmware, it doesn't leave you with an app to open the .apk's you've downloaded prior to installing the new open source. Look for "Advanced Task Manager.apk" and install that. When you run it, it should list all the app's you have and you should be able to run them, otherwise, you'll have to redownload and reinstall.

I hope my rambling helps.