I just recieved my "Chinese iRobot" and am having problems,PLEASE help me!! :)


Dec 6, 2010
Hello Everyone,
I am new to Android tablets and had never seen one until mine arrived today. According to the box and booklet, it is a iRobot. However, when I ordered it, it was shown in a different box. The booklet says the CPU is Telechips Tcc8902...of course I don't think it is the original box/booklet for the device. It says it is Android 2.1, but on the tablet says OS is 2.2. Anyways, my problems are 1) I downloaded a couple of Apps, and when I try to open them, the screen goes blank and freezes. 2) It keeps freezing and I have to reset it 3) The Wi-fi works literally, ONLY when I am in the same room as my router. 4)...I figured out how to charge it by buying a converter since they sent me a chinese charger and I live in the USA..the picture showed a USA charger! I do have a Droid phone with the 2.2 OS, so I am familiar with the OS. I would appreciate any help! Thank you in advance! :)


Senior Member
Nov 10, 2010
check to see if they have an updated rom to flash
maybe download the app "task killer" in case you have too many preloaded apps chewing up memory
check the "settings>applications>running services" close down unneeded apps