I need help as fast as possible !! :O


Oct 4, 2011
first off all im sorri if my english is terrible ( im from holland )

Ok so this is the problem i'm having....

I want to buy an android tablet but i dont know which one ?

Asus transformer or Samsung galaxy tab 10.1

I already bought an asus transformer but i had to return the first one because it was making cracking sounds on the left backside.
After getting a new one i had bad light leaking problems so AGAIN i had to go back to the store to get a new one and my third transformer again had bad light leaks so i gave up and got my money back.

But i also hear from people that they dont have any problems with their transformer so im still leaning towards trying again but from a different store.
But the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 also kinda drew my attention and now i just cant decide which one i want to buy.

This is what i want to do with my tablet :

- Watching movies ( so which tablet has the best video playback ? REALLY IMPORTANT )
- Playing games ( but i think its the same on both devices ?? )
- I dont want a device that gets updates very late etc ( firmware updates, android updates etc )
- Connectivity isnt THAT important to me because i know transformer has micro sd + micro hdmi. it's not a problem for me that i have to buy adapters afterwards or something ( like you have to do with a galaxy tab )
- i was also wondering if there are differences between the tablets speed wise ? i understand that they have the same processor but i saw on some forums that the transformer had a higher score with benchmarks ?
- I also DONT need a keyboard dock.

I was also wondering if people here have a galaxy tab with a micro sd adapter ? is it possible to install apps etc on your sd card if it is connected to your tab with a adapter ?

I think this is important because then there IS a way to expand your galaxy tab space.

I hope you guys can help me with deciding because i want to buy 1 of the tablets tomorrow !

thnx and greetings !


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Dec 15, 2010
xoom, asus, gtab or acer these are my recommend 10" tablet all runnuing honeycomb,, basecally same cpu and ram and get OTA when avaliable..
I have an Acer A500 got it last week and loving it..


Jun 17, 2011
I have the Asus Transformer and I love it.
And it doesn't make cracking sounds.
And I'm from Holland too.


Oct 4, 2011
daryldroid heb je last van light leaking dan ? en in welke winkel heb je hem gekocht ? en is de jouwe b50,b60,b70 of b80 ?