I Need Some Help


Oct 24, 2010
My boyfriend bought the android tablet MID generic, i was able to use it at first but had a problem with the AC adapter charging it. I had to wiggle and move it just right to get the red led light to come on but if i moved it the light would go back off, once i shut it off the red led light flashes and so does the screen, I tried another matching AC adapter with the same input and output at 9v the light stays on but I cant turn it on, what do I do to get it to turn back on? is there a form of a hard reset for the tablet? :confused: :confused:


Oct 26, 2010
hello. we have the same problem. please? anyone can help us??? my apad hangs when the robot appeared. and just like that... all i can see is the robot. but before that, i can't get connected to the web page i am viewing but i am connected to the internet provider. wifi and/or with a router.. please help....