I reseted my new irobot apad2 and I can't calibrate now


Dec 21, 2010
Good afternoon.

A month ago I have bought the new apad2 from the irobot web site (iRobot Oficial Website - iRobot aPad sitio web Oficial iRobot España) from Spain. Everything worked fine except that the calibration tool did not seem to work the screen and the device was configured for a mail account that was not mine. After trying to delete this mail account on the device, it tells me it is necessary to reset the computer and do it.

After doing this, the device boots fine but the screen apparently does not work properly . The technical support told me to connect a USB mouse to try to calibrate the screen with the mouse but does not work (the mouse works well, is the calibration that still does not work). Since 3 weeks ago, I have no answer from the technical support.

Can you help me? How can calibrate the device?

Thanks very much.

My device is irobot APAD2 7' 'RK2808A DualCore.