Ideos S7 restore to factory settings failed and now tab not working properly


Jul 5, 2012
Hi there, i got a huawei Ideos E-mail off someone and it had their accounts and all of that set up. While trying to delete their accounts and data it told me i had to restore to factory setting. I did that but in the end a message showed saying that the system setup ( or something like that) closed unexpectedly. I've done it several times and same result. Now thehere is no home screen and the only way i can get t some apps ans settings is via the top right buttons ( Wi-Fi, battery indicator etc). All the rest is black (except clock on top left) and i can't even get to the settings when pressing the mid button (between home and back-to-back 3 lines).
The OS is up to date (2.2.2) and i don't know what i can do.
Can someone please help? Please!!


Aug 16, 2012
Hi linda.. all you have to do is to flash a stock rom via sdcard2. Since i cannot post links here on how to do it. Just search it in google..

download a stock rom of s7 on internet.. (google will have the answer of the links)

"How to flash a stock rom on ideos s7"

Don't worry too much.. you can fix it. The steps are just simple..