If I can return cruz tablet, what to buy instead, at Best But, today?


Feb 5, 2011
I got my first tablet, VM Cruz T105, almost a month ago, after a few days researching it online and reading reviews, most bad, but some decent. So I knew it wasnt gonna be an ipad, but I had played with the ipad at best buy and it seemed a bit unresponsive, webpages took a while to load, and of course many didnt load at all, namely those running Flash. When my attempt to occupy my 3-year-old son with his favorite sproutonline.com games ( look baby you can hold it like a book and watch elmo, or dress chica....oh....um, wait....i guess you can't....?) Failed miserably, I felt pretty good about buying my $170 touch screen, hand held, web browser, and holding off on this first version ipad until Apple fixed a few wee details.

After all, I only needed the thing to use the internet, and that was what it was built for, right Plus it had a capacitive touch screen, unlike my sons VReader, and I felt very savvy informing the sales guy of that, although, well, I couldn't actually prove it, since the stores display cruz tablet couldnt even turn on.

AND YOU BOUGHT IT ANYWAY??? you are probablly thinking, well yeah. This was a month ago and there wasn't much to choose from. I needed something for school, especially for following the power ppoint slideshows on educator for my anatomy lecture, and I was sure I could find an app that would let me take pictures of the models in lab and then lable them. You know: like write in the names of the organelles of the cell, or lable the right ventricle on the heart model.

Well obviously none of that happened. I held out hope that I might be able to hack the thing ( not that i know how, but i learn fast) but after reading here some, I think I better take it back before my thirty daya are up and im stuck with it.

I'm not even posting this on my cruz. As usual, I'm using my cell phone (LG vortex) because I got tired of waiting for a page to load on my tablet.
So what should I buy instead? Keep in mind my limitations: It has to be from best buy cuz its my only non-maxed cc right now, plus i have a gift card and some reward zone certs. So after returning the cruz, I think I could spend around $500, but I would rather not spend that much if I can get something to meet my needa for less. I'm willing to learn how to customize it as long as I can find something online to tach a newbie how to. One way or another I need to be able to view pdf files or .DOC files for school

Sorry for such a long post, my first degree is in journalism so I tend to write a lot


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Jul 9, 2010
You could try the Nook Color if you do not mind the learning curve. That is one of the most fun tablets to own right now. And it isn't a sluggish device if you think speed is an issue. Otherwise there are a few more choices, but look for the keyword Cortex A8 or Tegra 2, and do not consider Chinese tablets.

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Nov 26, 2010
I think you should watch the documentary "Maxed Out", after getting whichever tablet you get.