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Jan 29, 2011
I have an 8'' ePad Android 2.2 512MB 4GB HDMI wifi MID Tablet, (Utopia) that I bought from a Chinese supplier on Ebay. I bought it as my second Android device.
I got an EVO back in September, and when I realized that I could write apps for it, it looked like the way to make a hand-held talking device for my nephew who is a severe stutterer. I also got a Hero and another EVO and planned on giving him his choice of the three. As it turns out he doesn't want a hand-held talking device, so I will have to sell all three.
I found this site looking for a way to make a backup of the Rom on my tablet. That may not happen, but at least I got Market on the Tablet. That makes it better merchandise!!

I'm still looking for the way to say thank you to xaueious for the thread on how to get market.
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Sep 24, 2010
Find his message, the is a little thanks in the lower left of the message box.

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