iMiTO AM801 8-inch Android 2.3 PC Tablet Anyone know anything about this one?


Jan 13, 2012
Here's what it says about it.

For $149, get a touchscreen with free shipping. (a $391.39 value).

This loaded tablet computer comes equipped with a built-in rear-facing and front-facing camera, Core Cortex A8 1GHz CPU and 4 GB storage. Other features include:
  • Google Android OS 2.3
  • 8-inch 800 x 600 High Resolution capacitive touch screen
  • WiFi, E-Book, 3D games, video, TV, music, photo capabilities
  • Supports Word, Excel and Web Browsers
  • Supports external TF card up to 16GB
  • Built-in Stereo Speaker
  • Thin 10.9mm design
  • Headphone jack
  • Mini-USB port, Mic port, DC jack and HDMI port
Thanks in advance! The deal is only good for 13 more hours, but definitely don't want to make a mistake. I bought a Kindle Fire and didn't like it at all.
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Jan 23, 2012
When I attach the HDMI to the TV, the screen on the unit dissapears. Any way of keeping it on.

If the screen is off, there is no way I can control the unit while watching TV.

I tried everything that I know thru Android, no luck. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



Dec 21, 2010
I have one of these. I paid $126 out the door. had them for $134 + $2 shipping. I found a $10 off coupon code. It's a solid unit. The OS build could be a little better but the fact that it does support USB 3G is nice. :)
Feb 13, 2012
just got mine a week or so ago and still evaluating if I am going to keep it. The user manual is useless, there is no website for the manufacturer and live chat customer service for where I purchased it (dinodirect) was I found this forum to try and help me do the things I want to do with it.
1. I think I have found one issue and will see how annoying it becomes. The power jack to plug the charge in does not seem secure and may not fully charge if you do not set the tablet to charge just right. Hopefully this was just a one time occurrence that happened last night.
2. As you listed above it says it "supports word and excel" I have yet to find how it supports it because my present issue is that I can't open some of those docs that I just added to the tablet by USB. This is one of the main tasks I wanted to do with the tablet. I can do it with my phone so there should be a way to do it on the tablet without any special ap.
3. The CD to install the Tablet as new hardware did not come with the tablet and I spent a week trying to figure out a work around or get the CD and finally found the answer on this forum.
4. Battery life might be an issue depending on how much it is used. May last a few hours with heavy use.
5. I have not been able to find a cover to protect the tablet. I have already dropped it twice and it is still ticking so that says something.
6. yes it does have a front and back camera feature but the pictures may not be that great. Some interior shots with overhead light on seemed to be fuzzy images on the screen.
7. Otherwise I am happy with the things I have been able to do with it.....take notes from meetings using a handwriting ap that turns notes into images. Would like to find a ap to do a handwriting note taking and convert it to a word doc instead of an image. Other activities that have worked great are Playing games, web browsing, gmail, downloading aps from the market.
8. Task that I have not tried are watching TV, videos, movies or reading like you would do with a kindle ap.
9. So for the money compared to other brand tablets it might be a keeper if I can get the word and excel to work.


Feb 27, 2012
I need help as my power adapter is spoilt after i used it for 2 weeks.
Should the power adapter under the warranty as well?
I found that i am not able charge through USB port. Can somebody verify this statement?
I want to find a replacement for this power adapter but i am not sure the "pin" is right size - can i purchase as same Nokia 2.0mm size?
Thanks for info if anybody can advise.


Mar 3, 2012
I have the same problem, no CD, can you please tell me where you found the answer. I am new to this so
appreciate all the help I can get.
Thank you


Mar 18, 2012
I recently got the iMiTO™ AM801 8in Android 2.3 Tablet PC Multi-Touch Tablet and after 2 hours it locked up shut down and won't restart. Have pressed reset and still nothing. Any ideas?


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Nov 8, 2011
If you're still thinking rather than buying I suggest you check out teclast p85hd. Its specs are higher and is better priced see , they seem genuine enough & I see they're active on this forum so may give good support

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Aug 31, 2012
i HAD THE SAME PROBLEM. mINE DID NOT COME WITH ANY DIRECTIONS OR WITH A cd. I wrote and complained to no avail. Now, the jack is defective. Anyone know how to get a new jack on this IMiTO or should I just trash it?


Aug 31, 2012
Who services Imito AM 801? The jack on the device is bad. I can not charge it. Any suggestions?:(


Feb 25, 2012
Who services Imito AM 801? The jack on the device is bad. I can not charge it. Any suggestions?:(

First off make sure that it is not the charger/cable/plug that is faulty.
The easiest way of proving this is using a voltmeter, one probe clipped onto the outside of
the plug (-ve) and the other probe into the centre of the plug (+ve). You should read approx
5Vdc and as you move/wiggle the cable and plug this reading should not fluctuate.
If you do not have access to a voltmeter then with the assistance of someone insert the plug
into the tablet to get the red light (LED) on and while holding this tight and steady then
wiggle the cable along its length, again watching to see if red led flickers. If it does then the
charger/cable/plug is faulty. Depending how proficient you are you may elect to change the
plug and/or the cable. The plug is a unique size and is not widely available (at least I could
not source it) however a 2.5MM X 0.7MM plug will do it, albeit slightly loose. These plugs
are available in Maplins and on Ebay(cheaper).
Then any USB charger or any smooth 5VDC charger will work.

Unfortunately it is often not the charger/cable/plug that is at fault but rather the centre pin in
the charging jack is not making a good connection internally with the PCB. This fix involves
opening the tablet and re-soldering the centre pin to the PCB. This is not difficult but care
must be taken not to damage any components within. Start by removing the 2 small
cross-head screws at the base of the unit and then VERY carefully, with a butter knife, or
some similar flat shaped tool, ease the white plastic back away from the front screen. I find
it is best to start at the centre left side, and as you ease it away the it will un-clip, move
around the unit in a clockwise direction, taking extra care around the volume and power
buttons. The screen and base will then separate quite easily and can be laid down beside
each other whilst keeping the ribbon cables all connected.
Believe me this is not that difficult, it may just sound so to some.

It is then easy to see where the centre charging pin needs to be re-soldered. Just a tip of
solder with a 15W, or similar, iron and hey presto, as good as new !!
Reassembly is just the opposite of the above, taking care around the volume/power
buttons, which are on their own small PCB.

Best of luck, but as they say, don't blame me if you make a "hames" of it.