In the researching phase and need some suggestions


Feb 4, 2011

I am looking to purchase a android tablet in the near future. I am trying to do research, and I was hoping that you could share some information on where to look and what your experiences are.

This is what I am looking for:

1) I need the tablet for work. I would like to use it instead of a Laptop. the features it needs to have include:
  • Photo gallery capability to show my design portfolio
  • Email capability with Google and POP mail
  • Camera / speakers / microphone for Skype
  • Capability to connect to a document camera / multimedia projector for teaching classes
  • Web browsing / Blogging / facebook / twitter
  • Microsoft Products or Open Office (word, excel, power point)
  • PDF Creation and reading
  • Able to use a case with a keyboard (travel) or wireless keyboard and mouse (home)
  • Needs to be relatively fast and responsive.
2) I am willing to spend up to $250-300
3) I would like a 10"-10.2"
4) I have a Motorola Droid and so I am literate to a degree with android. I am not afraid to root a product if I have too. I am a trained programmer so I can learn to code if I need to.
5) I live in the US (Washington)

I travel quite a bit for my business. I am always doing proposals at events with publishers and teach using power point or slide rocket. I need to be able to access my Wordpress blog, Drupal sites and MailChimp newsletter account while I am on the road.

My goal is to travel a whole lot lighter. No more paper proposals. I can show them off on the tablet, and email to them anything they wish to have. If you think $300 is too low.. let me know!

Oh and It needs to work internationally as well. I will be traveling to Europe to teach and I will need something that works there as well.

Thanks in advance!

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Sep 24, 2010
There're a ton of tabs that will meet your needs. Right now however MS Office and OpenOffice are not available, you will need to look at something like DoctoGo or QuickOffice.


Feb 4, 2011
That would work too! I just need to be able to do word, excel, powerpoint - like work. Do you have some suggestions to look at?
Feb 4, 2011
Google docs does word, excell and powerpoint files.
Or you could try Documents to Go Full version its a paid app that costs $15. It says that it does word, excell and powerpoint. Although I have never used it.

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