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I did a Factory Reset on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A - 2016 version (SM-T580NZWAXAR) & want to know if the tablet can still be used w/o setting up a Wi-Fi connection?

Example: Windows can be setup w/a Local Account, no Microsoft account needed.
Can this be done on the tablet? Just a local account & not a Google account?
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Jun 16, 2012
Yes. On all my devices if I don't want to enter my Google account credentials I can skip it and it will complete the setup. You probably will need to enter your Google account credentials during setup at least once however, and that is to pass Google's Factory Reset Protection. Since it's unlikely this tablet is new, that check will pop up during setup. However, the check to the best of my knowledge is a local one: no communication with Google's servers required.

Do be aware that without a Google account on the device you will not be able to access the Play Store and will not be able to easily download apps. You will then have to go with alternatives like F-Droid or visit reputable sites like APKMirror.