Installing 1.5.5 in v801 & v811's


Oct 10, 2012
If you have the "start-up" problem, you need the 1.5.5 firmware upgrade. It specifically targets this issue. You will need to have the 1.5 firmware installed. (to check, go to settings - open "About tablet" - look under Baseband version - it should say 1.5) Download the 1.5.5 firmware package. (see the link below) Extract it to a folder on your desktop. Plug in a freshly formatted micro-SD card. (at least 512megs) Check the folder you extracted the 1.5.5 package to. There should be a file called Extract this to your SD card. There will be a number of files. The one you want is called Shut down your tablet. Make sure the Micro-SD card slot is EMPTY. Hold down the Home button and press the Power button till the little white bot appears. Release the Power button but continue to hold the Home button. You should see a green Android with a rotating blue-green octagon in his stomach. This may take up to 30 seconds to appear. If the green bot is not their after 30 seconds, release the buttons and then press the power button till everything shuts down. Repeat the process till you finally get into recovery mode. Don’t worry if it takes several tries. When the green bot finally shows up you will see some yellow text saying "failed to mount /sdcard (No such file or directory) Don't worry! All is well! Insert the card that has the file on it. Take a look at the blue text in the upper left hand corner. Use the Home button to cycle down to "apply update from sdcard". Press the Power button to select this option. When the list of files on the SD card comes up, use the Home and Power buttons to select the file. You will see a progress bar under the bot and then some text about "updating Android". Wait until everything finishes up. (this may take as long as 10 min. but normally less) Go ahead and reboot & you should be good to go. I cycled my tablet about a dozen times to make sure it would power down and re-start correctly & so far - so good.... One more thing, it’s a good idea to have a full charge before you start.




Sep 24, 2012
Where on the page is the file? It was all in Chinese. Send me the file?
Thanks for the info.