Internal Memory Full on Allwinner A10


Sep 30, 2012
first of all I am from Venezuela and I do not speak English... :( use the translator..!!!
mi table es una Allwinner A10, 7", A13 1ghz, 512 RAM, 4gb.


I see you are the only page that talks about this model, my table says it 1gb/4g
b for applications and for music 2gb/4gb images and other, lack 1gb so it must be for the firmware. The problem arises when the reboot to factory defaults. 1GB and stopped having to say this happened with only 34.25 mb this full. I can not install anything. each time it is turned erases everything, there are only the files that were on the 2GB for photos and videos, applications that you installed are erased. these applications when installed and says full memory is damaged it had before. is as if they were still installed. I can not reset to factory defaults by new mind pointing error (android appears with a red triangle). I ride a different rom with livesuitpack but the program is not responding when connecting the tablet and arranged when disconnected. help please...!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(
knob pictures here as soon as the first is the memory of the tablet and the second error on reboot to factory defaults



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Nov 8, 2011
chaosvitae said:
how I can reset to their original values?

Severals ways, the easiest for you, is to find livesuite image select format and install, other option find and install cwm recovery for your tablet, boot into recovery format data and cache.


Oct 2, 2012
no need to reinstall, move busybox from system folder /xbin to /bin

my specs is same but my memory seems less, its just 0.99 gb for internal and 1.6 gb for internal sdcard
is there a way to fix it?


Oct 6, 2012
no need to reinstall, move busybox from system folder /xbin to /bin

my specs is same but my memory seems less, its just 0.99 gb for internal and 1.6 gb for internal sdcard
is there a way to fix it?


I have the same problem, I rooted the device using one click root and every thing went fine, later on I installed busybox app to have the latest version, and was failed because of Internet connection error, from that point I had message SD card damaged and I chose to format, I restarted the device after that, and it did factory default and back to original settings,
In settings -> storage -> the SD card is only 25MB and have another partition of 12.X GB but writen in chines which I can not read, I was only able to install ES Explorer and could not find busybox files in both bin and xbin folders in system :( and when I try to install busybox app again it says that it failed due to unavailable storage place and could not manage to unistall any system app to free some space..........

could you please help me with finding solution for my issue ASAP.



Jan 21, 2013
Hello to ones who read this message

Same condition here on my tablet which I write this to you by. No install to internal memory ... it began while a try to test ubuntu on this. Did worked for a duration then the reboot busybox installer crashed it. I dont have any windows desktop arround and no-ubuntu linux computer did not let me run livesuit through wine...

i searched to install ubuntu howtos with no external sd card or adb connected pc. it does not boot from usb memory stick too. This is my first tablet experience, i searched and find some information about Plop - Home 1 u-boot 2 Linaro: open source software for ARM SoCs 3 and windows 8 images...4

i am not able to decide what to do with unrooted mistakenly and rooting tools cant be installed tablet pc ...

terminal emulator
text editor
browser with internet connection

works and with only these i need to re-root first and
install superuser
install u-boot or tool
and go on to an stand alone os installation of
windows 8 or ubunto 32bit or distro

guide me to an escape from android beauty os to more ability on my allwinner like reedpad3 lite 1.5 ghz 1 gb ddram 8gb sd internal 8 gb usb stick but i broke my charger and via printers usb read i feed before i buy new charger so usb stick not in use...

infact i need help too
lights and fun to all
thanks for read...


Mar 17, 2013
i don't know my method is good or bad
1.stop active app action (start action can not to stop)stop other action(no important option)
can save your memory space (use)
2.remove some app (eat memory is large ) you system can take more use space in start after can to use.
you can suggest my idea.