Interpretation of caffeinemark scores?


Nov 21, 2010
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Hello all,

Because I have a tablet which is not so standard but is very slow, I found in the forums the program caffeinemark program. My tablet looks the most like a flypad clone but mine is 800x600 resolution. Inside is WM8505 and when I boot it says WMT2.0.1. I got into contact with Tipstir on the forum. He had a ROM for me that might work but he was not 100% sure. Since then I'm thinking: will I install this ROM or not?

I decided first to run caffeinemark since this says something about the performance of the tablet. So maybe it also says a new ROM will not improve my tablet?
My problem: I get results but dont know how to interpret them. Could not find it on the internet either.... Below is my score, can someone help me with this or point me to a website or something..?