iPhone Getting Skype Video Calls, Android Tablets To Be Next


Sep 21, 2010
With the iPhone getting the much anticipated Skype video calling capability, it seems CES might be our time. The video above is what Skype developed to demo what you can now do on your device from either your WiFi or 3G connection from the iPhone (for now).
Now everyone is expecting this update for Android to be one of the big announcements Skype has planned for CES this year. This announcement has been touted to be something big that is supposed to bring a lot of interest to those who care about the subject.
If you remember clearly Verizon and Skype have a deal going on from a few months ago, and so that makes it very likely Droid's will be getting this soon, and that means we are getting the update soon as well.

Source (Skype video calling for iPhone is official, available now (update: hands-on) -- Engadget)
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