Is a quad-core processor in a tablet a good idea?


Sep 21, 2011
Honestly? While Kal-El will no doubt result in a much smoother experience, the faster CPU/GPU will no doubt generate more heat. I am starting to be concerned over design flaws, specifically, that the tablets do not overheat.

Laptops underwent the same transformation, and today many suffer from overheating due to so many transitors being squeezed into a small area with poor airflow. This was because many manufacturers raced to put as many desktop components as they could fit into a case without wondering about the long-term health of the device. Taking care of an overheating laptop is not fun, trust me (you have to open the case and clean it out, buy additional cooling pads, etc).

Will the same happen to tablets? Will the manufacturers insure that these new tablets aren't prone to overheating?
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