is iTunes downloadable to galaxy 2 tablet


Jun 3, 2012
just got this galaxy 2 tablet for my bday. learning very slowly. would like to download music. can i download iTunes to my tablet and get songs from iStore? my husband is big iTunes user primarily for audio books and would like to to use iTunes as well.


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Jul 6, 2011
Welcome to the forum Pam! Glad you joined us, and congrats on your new toy.

iTunes is not compatible with Android.

However there are some workarounds. I have an iPhone 4, my wife has an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2, so I know your pain.

If you are in the US, check out Google Music Beta. You can install the Google Music Manager on your iTunes computer and it will upload your music (non-DRM) from iTunes to the Google Music Cloud (up to 20,000 songs).

Then, just launch the Music app on your tablet and go into settings and connect it to your google account. You can get any song from your library (once it uploads) any time you are online. You can create instant mixes (genius mixes) and make any of your music available offline. In order to purchase, you will probably need to be on an iDevice or a proper computer, but you can have him purchase a song and within probably 30 minutes you should have access to it.

Other options:
Double Twist (allows USB iTunes style syncing). It is almost an identical iTunes layout.
Copy your music collection to a microSD and pop it in your tablet (I think that the Galaxy Tab 2 has microSD).

There are others, search the forum for iTunes and you may find more options.


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Mar 24, 2011
Hi Pam, welcome to the Android tablets forum. Glad you decided to become a member and join us here. Since my knowledge of iTunes is somewhere between zero and none, I'm glad to see my friend Frederuco was able to give you some information about it. Enjoy your new tablet and the forum.