Is preinstalled AccuWeather app a Trojan?


Junior Member
Mar 2, 2015
Few days ago, bought a new Digiland DL701Q android tablet from Best Buy. First thing, installed McAfee android security app. It warned that the preinstalled AccuWeather app was a dangerous Trojan, but it could not be removed. Removed McAfee app and installed Webroot Security app, which also warned that AccuWeather was a dangerous Trojan. Is AccuWeather app indeed a Trojan? How can it be removed? TIA.


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
More than likely, McAfee and Webroot are declaring your version of Accuweather a trojan because it uses a different signing key from the Play Store version. The different signing key is specifically so the built-in version isn't updated by the Play Store. The version of Accuweather on the device is a special version bundled with the tablet's firmware and has more features than the version on the Play Store. If the Play Store updated the app, you'd lose the extra features.

The only way to remove Accuweather is to root your tablet and remove it from /system/app or /system/priv-app with a file manager. However, a better option would be simply to install a better scanner, like Avast or AVG.