Is this the one?

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Dec 12, 2010
Hello everybody,

So I saw this s7 tablet and I actually really want to buy it but there are some things I need to know before buying. I saw a lot of youtube video's but they are not that informative actually. I have a couple of questions so if you decide to answer...THANK YOU! :D

Can I use this device as a replacement for my regular notepad? I'm a law student, so you probably have an idea how I will use it. I also saw that there are options for a keyboard, but if I just want to write something down.. is that doable on this device?

How is the battery life if you use the tablet for 2 hours or so with bluetooth on but no 3g or wifi?

Are you happy with the tablet or do you recommend just to wait a couple of month's before buying because of the next generation?

What do you think of the call function? Is it okay? Does it need improvement and what is your overall judgment about this device?

I think I mainly will use it for school and some browsing or maybe as a phone at home but do you think a 7"is okay or would a 10" be a better choice?

Again, thanks for reading and if you are going to answer, thanks even more! ;)
Not open for further replies.