Is VirtualXposed APK A Malware


Junior Member
Aug 4, 2020
I downloaded VirtualXposed APK on my tablet (No root) recently to use Amplify Xposed module to save some of battery juice.My virus guard frequently warn about this app as a malware.I don't need to uninstall it..If someone has already used this app, please give me a feedback. Is it truly a malware or my virus guard is showing wrong details?


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
The way Xposed works is by making a direct connection to the system framework. It's this direct connection that your malware scanner is picking up, and that is why VirtualXposed is being detected as malware. Xposed and its derivatives is a cancer that is known to make the system more unstable. There is a reason custom ROM developers don't accept bug reports if you have Xposed / VirtualXposed installed, and the added instability is it.

Get rid of VirtualXposed. Not because it's malware, but because it's a POS software that needs to die. If you choose NOT to get rid of it, I won't be able to effectively help you until you do.