Issue With Windows CE


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Dec 18, 2017
It sucks a large one. I hate Windows CE. It is rubbish. :mad:

OK Being a cheapskate I bought an "ePad" from eBay with Windows CE6.0.

Very disappointing. Can't see much point in having a Tablet with virtually no touchscreen functionality beyond the basic. No finger scrolling, zooming, etc.

I guess I have two questions:
1. Is Android the better choice for touch functionality?
2. Can a Win CE Pad be re-flashed to Android?

Many thanks in advance.


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Jun 16, 2012
1. Yes. Android is designed with fingers in mind. Windows CE was not. Keep in mind Windows CE was first released in 1996. Even as late as 2009 it still required a stylus.

2. No. To get Android working you would need to find Linux drivers for every piece of hardware on the device, compile a kernel, find some way to partition the internal storage for the system, data, and recovery, and then compile a copy of Android to work on it. Far more trouble than it's worth.

So how much money did this ePad cost you?