itunes or equivalent


Jan 14, 2012
Hi, I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I bought this as my laptop has totally stopped working and thought a tablet would suit my needs more than a laptop. I have an ipod but not a huge fan of apple so didn't want an ipad as felt it was inferior to the galaxy, however I would still like to be able to use my ipod. As I no longer have any form of PC I need to be able to download music and films straight to my there a way to do this?? Everything I have read is talking about syncing the tablet to the PC but I can't do that. Is there a way to get itunes or another app/ programme that I can download music and films from without the use of a PC?? Please help as I'm getting very worried that I have just wasted my money buying this tablet.


Tom T

Senior Member
Feb 18, 2011
Actually Google now offers services similar to iTunes, and if music and movies are your interest I would consider Amazon. Not need for a PC in either instance.

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