Jextab708 Firmware Question


Oct 25, 2011

a) Recently there was a new version of firmware issued for the JexTab 708. Can anyoneyou advise what issues will be fixed by this release?
b) As yet I’ve not applied the release, as I'm concerned that if it doesn't work will I be left with an unusable tablet, any thoughts?.
c) Sometimes applications seem to ‘freeze’ and the only thing I can do is power down and restart by pressing the on/off button. Is there any way I can ‘unfreeze’ the tablet without powering down. (This occurred twice in a period of about 10 minutes whilst using File Manager this morning before I came out to work.
d) Sometimes the tablet will ‘re-load’ at random. I’ve not been able to identify any pattern to this. Have you any ideas what may be the cause.


Just an update for anyone that's interested:
a) I was never able to determine what issues the new version of firmware was supposed to fix. I had emailled Jexaa asking them but got no response.
b) I applied the new version of firmware exactly according to the instructions. At the end of the process I was left with a tablet, which although it would 'boot', the screen was totally 'frozen' and I couldn't do anything with it.
c) As my tablet was now useless, and little more than junk, I downloaded a copy of firmware from Uberoid. I upgraded the tablet with this firmware, and everything seems to be working fine now. I'm not experiencing the issues with the screen freezing, or the machine rebooting at random as previously.

In summary, anyone about to undertake the firmware upgrade beware, it may work fine for you, but if it doesn't work it's as well to have a 'Plan B'.

On a personal basis, I'm beginning to 'warm' to my tablet and Android as a whole, I just wish I'd applied the Uberoid firmware when I first bought it.:)
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