Judge Koh Denies Apple Ban of Samsung but Also Denies Samsung's Request for New Trial


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Jan 5, 2011

Judge Lucy Koh made a ruling in regards to the Samsung vs. Apple patent wars appeals process. Both sides scored a victory and a loss in the round of events. First, Judge Koh denied Apple's request to ban Samsung products over the court victory. She ruled that Apple could not prove their sales were harmed enough to warrant a ban, and they also failed to prove that the features Samsung infringed upon were the reason anyone chose a Samsung phone over the iPhone. Here's a snipped from the Judge,

"The fact that Apple may have lost customers and downstream sales to Samsung is not enough to justify an injunction. Samsung may have cut into Apple's customer base somewhat, but there is no suggestion that Samsung will wipe out Apple's customer base or force Apple out of the business of making smartphones."-Judge Lucy Koh

That was a loss for Apple and a victory for Samsung; however, the reverse also happened. Judge Koh denied Samsung's request for a new trial. Samsung claimed that the jury was tainted by jury foreman Velvin Hogan, but Judge Koh ruled otherwise, and will not grant a new trial.

There is one area of contention that has not been decided yet. Judge Koh has yet to rule on a modified damages award. Apple wants an additional $121 Million on top of the $1.05 Billion already awarded, but Samsung wants the damage reduced because they believe the Hogan-led jury made incorrect calculations. Of course, both sides will likely appeal these verdicts, and there is still the matter of the appeals that are already scheduled for 2014.

It looks like the two gladiators will be trading blows for quite some time...

Source: PhoneArena