Just a rook looking for tips, tricks, and advice.


Dec 21, 2011
Greetings all,

I just bought a cheap via 8650 tablet (green/red LED) and I would like everyone's advice on how to make it preform better an tips for usage. I do plan on buying a better one in a year but i figured this would be good experience.

I bought it for reading comics (Comic Reader Mobi. maybe), Reading pdfs, and light internet browsing when I'm bored.

I know it needs to be Rooted and have a custom ROM installed on it to wipe the crapwear but I welcome any advice on how do do those steps quickly and easily without bricking my gadget.

If it matters, this is the one I have bought


Thanks in advance for your advice.

Sorry, double post.
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I'm sorry and would delete this if I could.
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