just got my transformer. a couple questions.


Aug 4, 2011
just got it today from amazon on a warehouse deal - like new.

the outer box was pretty roughed up with smudges and grime on it, seals were broken but the tablet itself and all other bits and pieces look too all intents and purposes perfect.

how can i tell if its actually been used before?
i ask because in the brief time i used it (only about 1minute before i just lied it down to charge) the menus seemed populated with all sorts of stuff like youtube and app icons and the swiping from one screen to another wasnt what i would classify as silky smooth at all. almost like there was framerate dropping going on.

additional info - when i first plugged the charging cable in, the transformer came to life after a few seconds and displayed a logo followed by some setup options for language preference, wireless network connection choice, if i want to send anonymous usage data to google etc. etc.

ps. dont know if its been updated at all, which might be why it looks slow and laggy. maybe when i get/download 3.2 update itll be much better......... thats if 3.2 is actually out in the uk where i live.