Kids Coloring and Math


Oct 15, 2012
A fascinating math coloring game for kids! The bright math coloring will allow your child not only to show the creative abilities but also to improve the knowledge of math. With our unique game your child will solve the elementary math problems with great pleasure!
★ 2 game modes: Numbers and Problems
★ 2 languages: English, Russian
★ For kids different ages
★ Learning numbers
★ Addition and Subtraction problems
★ Kids-friendly interface
★ Different picture categories
“Kids Coloring and Math” is helpful both for kids who learn numbers and for kids who train addition and subtraction.
The game features two game modes: “PAINTING BY NUMBERS” and “COUNTING AND PAINTING”. In the first mode, children can study figures by painting numbered parts of a picture. In the second mode, kids should paint the picture by solving the problems. This helps to improve elementary arithmetical skills: addition and subtraction.
THE FREE VERSION includes 4 CUTE pictures, which are avaliable in 2 games modes!
THE FULL VERSION includes 12 pictures: fish, birds, animals, flowers, toys, cats. All pictures are avaliable in 2 games modes!
In the next version NEW 12 PICTURES FOR FREE!
Additional packages with pictures and a new game mode “MULTIPLICATION AND PAINTING” will be available in the following versions.
The training game “Kids Coloring and Math” is an entertaining kid’s app that will help your child to fall in love with mathematics!
Requires Adobe Air 3.1+
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