Kinetisphere Active Sculpture at Google I/O Visualizes Music in Bold Display


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Jan 5, 2011

Here's something really amazing from Google I/O 2012 that will likely never become an actual product, yet showcases Google's design prowess in a bold display. What you see in the video above is an active and interactive sculpture created by San Francisco-based Bot & Dolly. It's called the Kinetisphere, and it merges a number of Google's newest technologies into a massive robotic version of the new Nexus Q. The device is controlled by three stations, and each one consists of a Nexus Q device and a Nexus 7 tablet. Each station controls a different part of the sculpture's movements. One handles the angle of the sphere, another tackles its height, and the final lets you pick the pattern displayed on the LED ring. The final result carefully synchronizes the LED's to the music. It makes for an impressive and dramatic effect, especially when they turn out the lights!

Source: via Engadget
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