[kitchen] Linux script to repack cmp738a 2.2 ROM with root


Apr 18, 2011
Here is a package to create a rooted ROM for the Craig cmp738a.

I have included the current stock 2.2 rom available from craigelectronics.com for unpacking and rooting.
The only requirements for this are a Linux environment (I used ubuntu) with cramfsck, wine and fakeroot. (apt-get install wine cramfsprogs fakeroot)

Uncompress this archive and run the 'runall.sh' script. It will create a update.img file in the same folder.

Flash this update.img file in the usual ways to get rooted android 2.2
I added in a copy of RootExplorer to test if rooting works.

I haven't figured out how to get market onto the rom yet but im sure someone will.

I hope someone finds a way to fix the awful looking icons with the white backgrounds.

I have noticed if you add too much stuff to the image then the device fails to flash it and to recover you need to flash a good ROM to it from windows using the RKAndroidBatchUpgrade method.

Here is the README

Here is a set of scripts to build a custom update.img for Craig cmp738a from the stock image.

FYI: a few programs in here are written by others and not me. I just wrote the shell script glue.

-----> Software Requirements

I made this work in Linux Mint. (Based on ubuntu) Any ubuntu/debian system should work without modification.
Just install the following packages from the repositories.


-----> USAGE

First run the script called runall.sh. If it completes without error and puts a update.img file
in the same folder then it looks to be working. Otherwise you might need to install dependencies.

Most of the fun stuff happens in 0-Tools/4-modify-system-filesystem.sh
The bottom of that script actually adds and deletes files from the ROM.

Add the apk files you want added to the ROM in the 6-Resources folder and add a line to the
script 4-modify-system-filesystem.sh that copies your file to the apps folder. (see other lines
in there as examples) If you have problems with this try removing the spaces in the filenames of your apks.

-----> Notes

The update.img file this generates is rooted by default.
It also adds a copy of RootExplorer so you can test that the root process worked.

-----> Folder Explanation

In here is a folder structure I hope is sane.

0-Tools - Contains scripts that actually do the work in steps.
1-Stock-ROM - Contains a copy of the stock ROM from craigelectronics.com
2-Decompressed-Stock-ROM - During the build process the ROM gets unpacked in here
3-Decrypted-System.img - In here is a copy of my stock system.img dumped un-encrypted from my device.
4-Decompressed-System-Image - During the build process the system.img file gets unpacked in here and modified.
5-Decompressed-Boot-Image - During the build process the boot.img file gets unpacked in here and modified.
6-Resources - I put files in here that are added during the build process.

-----> 0-Tools Scripts

The work scripts are named with numbers at the beginning in the order that they run. If you run
into problems then you can go into the 0-Tools folder and start running them in order one at a
time until you find the problem.

-----> Credits

rkcrc and friends are from here ---> Apad iRobot - naobsd
I got RKUtils from here ---> cmp738a - Images for Craig 7" Android Tablet - Google Project Hosting
AFPTool.exe is from MyDroidDevTool (IDK where i got it but here is a link) ---> MydroidDevTool_v1.0CN+Apad_iRobot_0611.zip - apad-irobot - Rockchip SDK Update Flash and Package Tool Chinese (MydroidDevToolv1.0) with Apad iRobot 0611CN - Apad iRobot Rockchip RK2808 Android Tablet - Google Project Hosting
Files are now uploaded. Here are the links.

Scripts: http://blog.tfbox.ca/wp-content/uploads/cmp738a-firmware-kitchen-snipes420.tgz

Rooted Image: http://blog.tfbox.ca/wp-content/uploads/update.img
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Apr 1, 2011
Here is a package to create a rooted ROM for the Craig cmp738a.....

Wow. Lots of good work. Thanks!

To improve the looks of the home page I would suggest Zeam.

Google the terms XDA and ZEAM to find the developer thread.

Works good for me even running the non-rooted 2.2 Rom.

There are folks over on slatedroid working on the market issue.