Kryos 7022...what would YOU do first?


Nov 26, 2011
My 7022 will be here soon and I'd like to know what you guys would do, in order, after opening the box. I know I'd like to maybe root it but should I just play with it first? I can see me getting all excited with loading apps but don't want to lose everything after a root or upgrade or what have you. So, after you get the box, what steps(be specific) would you do and in what order. I love this site already but haven't been able to organize all the info into a time line. Look forward to the responses. Thanks.


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Nov 14, 2011
Hi Hopit88,

welcome to the board, glad you joined us, and I hope you enjoy your new Kryos tablet. I am looking at the same one and would be interested in what the other Kryos owners have to say about the first things to do with this model tablet. I have heard it isn't needed to root it to be able to install the Android Market, I would make a backup of the OS and other important files. And from there I don't know for sure. We have a Coby Forum here so hopefully a mod or admin can move this to the second generation forum where more MID7022 owners can help fill in the blanks I can't. Congratulations on your purchase! :D

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