Learn Spanish & other foreign language on Android Tablet


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Apr 11, 2011
Here are 11 excellent Android Tablet apps to learn Spanish and other foreign languages:

Basic Spanish (Tablet)
Basic French (Tablet), Basic German (Tablet), Basic Italian (Tablet), Basic Portuguese (Tablet), Basic English (Tablet), Basic Chinese (Tablet), Basic Japanese (Tablet), Basic Indonesian (Tablet), Basic Dutch (Tablet) and Basic Russian (Tablet).

These apps feature more than 1,000 commonly used words and phrases for day-to-day formal and informal communication. Each word in the app is clearly defined with native speaker recorded audio and supporting image. The app features 7 different modules for learning4 of which designed specifically to practice listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. The learning process is enhanced with the use of word games, self-voice recording and spelling check.

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